Tuesday, January 26, 2010

At the Service of Technology

Here is what You'r Searching For :

I'm proud to provide my friends a tiny help on wat I think is Worth of.

Here I present a few web-pages frequently used by me and very usefull[wat I think it as],  for various basic and unavoidable requierments.
As well as I'm crazy about some fancy stuff , so if you can give me suggessions and new webpages to go through, which you may think that it may take my interest.
Thank you ! for Your Patience !

Translitrate online, any Indian language                : http://www.google.com/transliterate/

To type in your mother toungue in Ms Word         : http://www.google.com/ime/transliteration/

To Get free SMS Alerts from Google Groups         : http://labs.google.co.in/smschannels

For Downloading many essential application softwares with latest updates , you may visi this site, It provides about all important softwares in full versions for absolutely free. Now you may cheack it out.Piece of Cake ! Isn't it ?

To Download Essential S'Wares [Latest]               : http://www.filehippo.com/

To Download Hollywood Movies With ease          :http://www.yourpcmovies.blogspot.com/

I kindly request you to leave a feed-back in the form of a "Comment".

For more Details, feel free to mail me at                 : cyberhero.tony@gmail.com 

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Feel the Pulse of Tech' !!!

Feel the Pulse of Tech' !!!
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